Video reaction: couple reacts to ZARRAZA “Shadows”

“It sounds like the name of a demon – Zarraza… What if I say it three…

What is common between Satan, religion and politics? Interview to Brazilian webzine

Read interview for Brasilian webzine Tempestade Conservadora.

Video reaction: GALACTICRIMINAL reacted to “Shadows”

“Brutal thrash metal out of Kazakhstan… I think my balls just dropped!” 

News of August: interview to Chinese radio, review from Progressor.net

Necroshiva continues to harvest. Now – China and Norway.

Beer VS Metal: how to drink beer and play guitar at same time?

Beer and metal music come hand and hand but… Does it possible to play guitar and…

“Necroshiva” will be officially released in China on May 11, 2019

Our debut full-length album got official release date in China. “Necroshiva’ will be released through MusicDish…

“Necroshiva” artwork included into “Masterpieces. Heavy music artwork. Anno 2018”

Congratulations to all those who bought “Necroshiva” t shirt or digipak – you bought a masterpiece…


Kazakhstan may be the wrong part of the planet to play extreme metal, but Zarraza (which…

Биография, факты, концертный опыт ZARRAZA

ZARRAZA — трэш-метал группа из Алматы, Казахстан.