Video: acoustic versions of ZARRAZA songs

While coronavirus quarantined our city, Almaty, Nick killing time performing acoustic versions of Zarraza songs. “Echo…

Video reaction: couple reacts to ZARRAZA “Shadows”

“It sounds like the name of a demon – Zarraza… What if I say it three…

Interview to Global Metal Apocalypse – a short guide into metal scene of Kazakhstan

Unusual interview to Global Metal Apocalypse – not “tell me your influnces” thing. Rhys Stevenson dig deep into…

What is common between Satan, religion and politics? Interview to Brazilian webzine

Read interview for Brasilian webzine Tempestade Conservadora.

Chaos and violence – new video from “Rotten Remains” EP

As NoCleanSinging wrote: “The video is terrific. It pairs the music with live footage … and…

New EP “Rotten Remains” released! Listen now!

“Rotten Remains” is out! 

Lyric video “Bullets & Beliefs’19” released

3 minutes of wild screams, buzzing guitars and loud drums from the upcoming EP “Rotten Remains”.

Highest (probably) video in metal – “Failed Apocalypse’19” Watch it now!

We filmed it at an altitude 3300 meters – cold, windy… as Apocalypse!

New release from ZARRAZA – “Rotten Remains” EP are ready for order!

Grab you digipak copy of “Rotten Remains” now!