What metal gigs in Kazakhstan look like? Watch new video!

Here is new high-adrenaline music video for their song “150 words”. The song has been featured in Metal Hammer’s compilation “United Nations Vol 2”.

Last year we played with SEPULTURA, EKTOMORF, АРКОНА, TYR – besides our own gigs. All of these live shows was filmed and now transformed into video full of fun and sometimes violence. Based on ZARRAZA motto “take no prisoners” video captured all craziness of metal shows: stagediving, crowdsurfing, slam and mosh. With focus on crazy metalheads this video is a way to say “thank you” to all people who support metal music and turn live shows into unforgettable experience.

The song was produced by Arkadiy Navaho (KATALEPSY, SIBERIAN MEATGRINDER), who worked on both ZARRAZA studio independently released efforts – full-length debut “Necroshiva” (2018) and EP “Rotten Remains” (2019). The roaring song quickly became staple for every ZARRAZA gig even before it was released.

The phrase “150 words” means an arsenal of poisonous words used by toxic and bullying persons to suppress you. But all of these words not only weapon for assaulter – it should be transformed into a fuel and source of power for assaulted person. Musically this idea transformed in frantic, violent modern Thrash and Death Metal attack.