From METAL HAMMER to blogs: all reviews on “Rotten Remains”

Can you imagine DEICIDE meets 5FDP?

What we like about all these review the most – it’s a list of the bands we compared to. Some of these bands we love and some of them we never listened to. But funniest thing is a range of this comparison list: from DEICIDE and VITAL REMAINS to DEVIL DRIVER and 5 Fingers Death Punch! That’s f-n cool.

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Metal Hammer (UK)

Metal Blast

“ZaRRaZa (Russian for “infection”) have a keen sense of groove, something that certainly wasn’t part of 90s death metal. Tunes like the delightfully titled “If I Was Satan” and “Failed Apocalypse” have a catchy bounce to them. Though some of the riffs sound repetitive (“wRRong Song” sounds like a rehash of opener “Zombie Kids”) this can be forgiven as ZaRRaZa explicitly acknowledge that these are re-recorded songs from their back catalog. This doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new here, as songs like “The Grudge” and “Bulldozer” incorporate traditional Kazakh instruments like the two-stringed, bowed kobyz for added color and atmosphere, as well as the band’s own identity.

Despite all of the positives, however, the album is not free of problems. Main among them is that, outside of occasional flashes of creativity, the album lacks originality. ZaRRaZa‘s material sounds so much like Deicide, Malevolent Creation, and Vital Remains that people might want to skip Rotten Remains if they’re already familiar with the genre. One really needs to love this kind of music being revived in order to like what ZaRRaZa have to offer”.

ZaRRaZa – Rotten Remains

Metal1Info (Germany)

“Stolze acht Songs bringen ZARRAZA in der gebotenen knappen halben Stunde unter, da kaum einer die Vier-Minuten-Marke überschreitet. Umso energiegeladener kommen die Stücke daher. Ob nun der Opener „Xaoc“ als typischer Thrash-Song oder das rein instrumental gehaltene „The Grudge“, bei dem ZARRAZA zusätzlich zur Standard-Besetzung auf traditionelle Instrumente zurückgreifen: ZARRAZA legen in ihrem Tun eine beeindruckende Souveränität an den Tag – mal mit Melodik und viel Groove („Failed Apocalypse“), mal mit furiosem Uptempo-Thrash, der in Riffs wie Soli zu begeistern weiß („If I Was Satan“). Abgerundet wird das Gesamtbild der mehr als stimmigen EP durch den aggressiven Sound der Gitarren, der an Exodus aus der Rob-Dukes-Ära denken lässt: Genau diese Power braucht Thrash Metal!”

Zarraza – Rotten Remains (EP)

Games, Brains & a Head-banging Life

“After listening to Rotten Remains, one thought was left swirling around my head…why have I not heard about Zarraza before!? They’re a nasty little bunch playing nasty metal and it is bloody great!… It helps that the eight tracks of this EP are a bunch of intense extreme metal tunes too. The likes of Zombie Kids, If I Was Satan and Failed Apocalypse squealing like a stuck pig. You know you really shouldn’t be enjoying it but the sick part of you does anyway”.

EP Review: Zarraza – Rotten Remains (Self Released)


“While bands like Lamb Of God are clearly a huge influence here it’s also apparent that Zarraza have spent time with Pantera, Exhorder and Machine Head. The high powered delivery of this latest EP, Rotten Remains is sure to fascinate the listener and inspire fierce mosh pits across the globe with its re-recordings of the bands old material….

One thing that really strikes me is how far this band has come in terms of production value. Frequently metal bands from Central Asia suffer from poor production due to a general lack of studios and expensive gear. Zarraza have clearly made an effort to go above and beyond here to craft a record that captures every stop/start riff and which can turn on a dime.

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Metal Temple

“Chaos” comes in as its namesake suggested bent on devouring anything that’s in its path, with guitar riffs from hell being the most noticeable thing about the song. “Bullets And Beliefs” has soul ripping vocals and riffs, while the drums bash you in the head and the bass flows like the blood in your veins beneath the skin. “Zombie Kids” has a brutal intro and somehow they managed to make this song even harder than the previous in all aspects, pure blood sucking brutality. “The Grudge” is one of the coolest instrumentals I’ve ever heard, I’m not even sure what’s going on but it’s awesome, you must check this out.

“Bulldozer” is another great song on a great ep. just astonishing vocals, guitars, drums and bass, you get the whole miner yards on this song. “Failed Apocalypse” is a beastly vocal filled nightmare, it pure brutality at its finest and for real the guitars are epic but the drums and bass refuse to be out done, add that all up and it equals a monster of a song. “If I Was Satan” will rip you apart and take you to Satan and devour the remains, leaving nothing but ash with each instrument doing its part, not to mention the equally impressive vocals. “Wrrong Turn” left me internet surfing to make sure it wasn’t a typo on my end, not sure where they were going with the name but it is the correct spelling, and is the final nail in the coffin and does not disappoint.

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Metal Roos (Australia)

@There is a cacophony of different genres in this release – probably due to the tracks being written over many years. The track Zombie Kids is pure technical death metal, and it’s damn accurate and strong. Other tracks, such as Bulldozer or wRRong Song seem almost influenced by 90s Nu Metal. It’s a great marriage of how metal has evolved over time. Performance-wise, it is quite impeccable. There the drums are expertly executed, the guitars employ a range of different methods to create some interesting sounds (harmonics and such) and the voice sits in the mix well. Overall, nothing sounds out of place and the mix is to be celebrated.

…Angry, filthy, precise, inquisitive. An interesting blend and addition to the metal genre. Suitable for those who bash pots and pans more for their timbre than to annoy the neighbours.

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Glacially Musical

This is an EP featuring old songs newly recorded. Well, there are times when that’s really worked and times when it really hasn’t.

Where Zarraza really nails it for me is their ability to alternate between Black Dahlia Murder heavy, Steve Harris basslines, and Carcass melody.

Their technical prowess has enabled them the write dynamic songs that didn’t give me a single bit of listener fatigue. Brutal and beautiful.

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The Doorway To

Zarrara mix Extreme Thrash, Melodic Death, Power Metal, Grind and Hardcore into something like  if  Early OpethMachine Head and Strapping young lad went to see  Kreator and Exodus in the 90’s.  There are very strong  Mid period  Sepultura and Nailbomb moments going through out this bastard as well. It makes you want to get on the pit floor and cause a scene. I hear bands like  Vader, Hypocrisy and Behemoth at times too for the Death metal bursts that come in and out. Zarraza is a very interesting force of music and needs to be more widely exposed to the underground.

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Global Metal Apocalypse

To think they come from Kazakhstan would bewilder some, not just for geographical reasoning, but the finesse and quality exhibited here, you would easily imagine them to be from the USA or Europe – a testament to how far the Kazakh Metal scene has come. Even more so this is a form of Groove Metal beyond your expectations, it has elements of Thrash Metal, Metalcore, it’s almost as if DevilDriver had a fling with 5FDP and gave birth to Zarraza.

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Imperiumi (Finland)