Interview to Global Metal Apocalypse – a short guide into metal scene of Kazakhstan

Unusual interview to Global Metal Apocalypse – not “tell me your influnces” thing. Rhys Stevenson dig deep into Kazakhstan metal scene which is cool!

Just one quote:

– You released your new lyric video “Bullets & Beliefs’19”, what was the reaction like, who designed it?

– Some people here in Kazakhstan never heard the story of what the song is about and won’t believe it. The song is not just about the first infamous robbery of bank collectors in Kazakhstan in 2001 – it’s a song about people who do it for religion… back in the day, 19 years ago, it seemed nonsense in Kazakhstan – but today we live with it and call it “religious terrorism”. Attackers claim they did it to finance some terrorist groups…

Please read full version at Global Metal Apocalypse