Lyric video “Bullets & Beliefs’19” released

3 minutes of wild screams, buzzing guitars and loud drums from the upcoming EP “Rotten Remains”.

The song is not just about the first infamous robbery of bank collectors in Kazakhstan – it’s a song about people whose machine guns were spat on with bullets and hatred for the sake of certain convictions… Back in the day, 18 years ago, it seemed nonsense in Kazakhsta – but today we live with it and call it “religious terrorism”. Later attackers claim they did it to finance some terrorist groups… May 18, 2001 – TuranAlem bank collectors were shot at point blank range, but one of the attackers was wounded… And his blood became a clue that led to another shootout a week later – this time the robbers fell into the trap – because of their beliefs.

Here is a qoute from Jenny Tate review about the song:
“Massive power fuels and energises that drum intro. A battery of incensed fury. Zesty, sharpened riffs electrify the atmosphere, as the vocals bludgeon you to death. A raging cesspit of aggression swirls around a frenzy of ferocious accompaniments. Ending on several powered drum hits. A full frontal metallic assault”.