Watch metal meets kyl-kobyz in new official music video – The Grudge’19

There is a belief: every time someone approach sacred places in the mountains, spirits send out bad weather to keep away uninvited guests. It seems a stone bowl of giant bowlders near the Big Almaty Lake is such a special place…

While filming on the Lake went smoothly the same task in stone bowl was a challenge. Every time we started shooting, it was snowing. When we stopped it – snow stops too. We started to shoot again – and again the snow … But in the video it looks good. No harm done )

The video was filmed in the mountains around Big Almaty Lake (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
Guest musician in the video – Anar Kassymova (multi-instrumenyalist) – kobyz & kyl-kobyz
Track «The Grudge’19” from “Rotten Remains” EP (Release date – November 29, 2019)

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Илья Мартынов
Ruslan Kuanyshev

Никита Черевко (Nikita Cherevko)

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