Video diary: Shymkent & Tashkent, Uzbekistan (May 2019)

Before gig in Tashkent club owners asked us: “No slam & mosh! Do not provoke audience!” We agreed but…

There was no need to provoke! We will never forget concerts in Shymkent and Tashkent – it was too hot) The frantic reception of the public, the hospitality of the organizers… It was an oriental fairy tale!

Many thanks to everyone who organized this tour for us:
Наш Бар – Бар для хороших людей – the dressing room made us feeling like stars, haha!
Artyom Shcherbakov – dude, keep up the good work and you will become the God of concert organization!
Пётр Стуловский – you are simply great!
Нигора Валерьевна (Nigora Djuraeva)Алёна Никифорова – for beer, food, jokes and everything!
Dmitriy Menshikov – for your support!

Well, people in front of the stage in Tashkent are just a gold standard of audience: slam, headbang, mosh… You are AWESOME! Stay with us – we need your bodies! See you next time!