Bad news – new EP “Rotten Remains” will be released on November 29, 2019

This EP is new but at the same time old.

All songs are old – they were written years ago and released on self-produced demos “Bullets & Beliefs” (2012) and “Cutting Meat. Fast & Loud” (2013). We decided to re-recorded it fully because we still play some of this shit live. So we carefully dig these remains, inject them with new viruses and put out as EP.

Also it is our way to honor ex-mates who help us start ZARRAZA: guitarists Максим Саклаков (Maxim Saklakov) and Damir Yunussov, bass player Alexander Filatov. Guys! Though you escaped from the band you are still infected and keep rotting with us!

And last… The EP was recorded with bassist Evgen Hablack who left the band in the middle of the recording process but helps us to finish it. Thanks for your support (though our new bass player Adil Aliakpar is jealous as fuck!)

Few webzines announced EP already:

Pete’s Rocknews (USA)

ChaosVault (Poland)

KickAssForever (USA)

Track list
1. Chaos’19
2. Bullets & Beliefs’19
3. Zombie Kids’19
4. The Grudge’19
5. Bulldozer’19
6. Failed Apocalypse’19
7. If I was Satan’19
8. wRRong Song’19

Additional musicians:

  • Multi-instrumentalist Anar Kassymova (kobyz & qyl-kobyz on “The Grudge’19”)
    Azim Abdulaev — keyboards on intro to “Failed Apocalypse’19”

Drums recorded at ID Sound Studio (Almaty, Kazakhstan) in the September 2018 and February 2019.
Guitars and vocals recorded at ZARRAZA home studio in March-May of 2019.
Mixed and mastered by Аркадий Навахо (Arkady Navaho), Cosmos Studio.
Cover artwork and CD design by Владимир Чебаков (Vladimir Chebakov)

And finally – rate the cover! Mascot Necroshiva was replaced by a new monster – RottenShiva, created by the Vladimir Chebakov. T-shirts with this handsome available