News of August: interview to Chinese radio, review from Progressor.net

Necroshiva continues to harvest. Now – China and Norway.

The album got very postitive review from Progressor.net by Olav Martin Bjornsen.  Score 5 out of 6. Few quotes:

“Necroshiva” strikes me as a fine album for those who enjoy metal of the darker and more intense variety. Thrash metal given a slight death metal makeover, or vice versa, is my main impression as far as style is concerned, with dark and dirty guitars and aggressive croaking lead vocals as dominating traits in an intense and aggressive display, backed by a solid rhythm section. That the band allows a few gentler details to find room in their songs strikes me as a positive approach to this kind of music, adding that slight bit of variation and the brief pauses needed from escapades that are otherwise somewhat relentless. A strong debut album, and one that merits a check by those with an interest in both thrash metal and death metal”.

At the same time Chinese Mapo radio published text verision of interview with Nick Khalabuzar (guitar, vocal). Read it here – and don’t forget to use Google Translate )))