Backstage story: “TYR drummer played in our fake fur coat”

Portal EchoeSandDust published interview with ZARRAZA guitar player and screamer Nick Khalabuzar. Here is story from interview about our gig with TYR:

“There was a funny story. During soundcheck, we muffle a kick drum with a very old fur coat. Our drummer brought it from home – it was made from faux fur I guess. We need it to make drum kick resonate less. But Tyr needs this resonance. Their drummer checked the kick drum and found our fur coat inside. He sighed very loudly – “OH MY GOD!” After he discovered it was very old fur coat he continued: “I will perform in this shit!” Other guys from Tyr did not let it happen, but during soundcheck, he was wearing our fur coat all the time. He really liked the old junk. Now, this relic is lying in our rehearsal room. Inside of the kick drum, of course”.

Read full interview here

ZARRAZA opening for ARKONA & TYR

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