Second show with SEPULTURA added to schedule

The gods must be crazy! On April 22, we will open for SEPULTURA in Almaty.

This will be the first of our two shows with these gods of metal and our idols. The second performance – at Sepultura на Kuturgan Fest 2019 in Bishkek.

Concerts of this kind are rare in our area, and therefore you must attend both of them! After all, according to forecasts SEPULTURA will return in 2056))) So don’t miss these two shows – or wait a little bit )

So today ZARRAZA concert schedule is as follows:
April 22 – Sepultura at Hard Rock Cafe
April 26 – Sepultura на Kuturgan Fest 2019
May 19 – Karaganda, Double Destruction

In the coming days, a couple more concerts will be announced in cities where we just dreamed to come back)

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