All you should know about “Necroshiva”: reviews from MetalSucks, AngryMetalGuy etc.

From hate to love and back – all that was written about our first full-length and self-released album “Necroshiva” during 2018.

Printed reviews

METAL HAMMER (Great Britain): “What a global times… 8 of 10!”










LEGACY magazine (Germany):

Websites and blogs


Invisible Oranges

“While the riffs dive and dart through rhythmic shifts and truncated measures, drummer Ruslan Konon propels the band ever ahead with a nonstop battery of pummeling double kicks and blast beats”.

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“Sounds like Decapitated, At The Gates, Morbid Angel, Revocation… F-n rips!” 


“Righteous anger without sacrificing hooks”
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“It’s blazing fast, with loads of fleet-fingered fret-work, blistering percussion, and hair-raising vocal barbarism, while also making room for slower movements in which the band spin out beguiling melody and an extended, eye-popping solo that would make a packed arena of fans lift their clawed hands to the heavens”.

The Independent Voice

“…is it actually any good?  Fuck yeah!  This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a very long time.  ‘Abyss Above Me’ is a belter of an opener with frantic drumming and riffs giving way to a truly beautiful, almost lilting solo.  Every track after this is great in and of itself…”

Drunk in a Graveyard

“Tracks like Dead Star, More Than Hate and 150 Words are personal favorites displaying diversity, aggression and musical ‘chops’. Keep a close eye (or ear) on Zarraza as they may well make waves in the very near future. Here’s hoping they get the attention they deserve in a landscape littered with copycats, scenes finding resurgence and little creative ingenuity”.

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The Doorway To

“There are elements of  Fear Factory, Exodus, Machine head and Vektor going on here all at the time and its got a very proggy meets Sci fi side to esp when the solo and break downs come in”

Third Eye Cinema

“Speedy modern thrash out of Kazakhstan. Vocals are (Russian?) bear-growly and pretty annoying, while the band is overly tech oriented and too often falls right into the pit of atonality.

Not my thing at all”.

Album Of The Year webzine

“The band shows glimpses of their potential with some decent solos and the drummer has impressive control over his double kicks and blast beats, but these moments feel too few and far between.”


It5’s a good album but I have to say it’s a bit short to my taste. I might agree that the amount of energy dispensed by those guys is at high level… Really want to see them in a future”

The Headbanging Moose

“I’m not sure if you have already realized you’re in front of a metal band from the distant land of Kazakhstan playing top-notch Thrash and Groove Metal that only the finest bands from the United States, the land of thrash, are capable of reproducing”

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World of Metal

WOM Features – Anthrax / Shaman’s Harvest / Zarraza

Music I Liked – CHRCH, Zarraza, Tentacle Wizard



“Впечатления “Necroshiva” оставляет самые положительные, и пусть возрадуются те, кто любит сокрушительные релизы от малоизвестных коллективов, потому что не похвастаться знанием такой годноты перед коллегами с меньшим экстремальным кругозором просто невозможно. И как коллекционер дисков не могу не отметить без лишних слов отличное оформление альбома в виде диджипака с плакатом внутри”.

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“Вокаллер по-настоящему вживается в тему трэка и излучает бешеную энергию радиоактивного всепроникающего свойства”.

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Zarraza – Necroshiva

Und sonst so … Mai 2018



“Zarraza on tehnyt debyytikseen yllättävän tiukan levyn enkä ihmettelisi yhtään, vaikka tämä olisi maansa kovin metallibändi. Sopii toivoa, että bändi saa jatkoa isommassa levityksessä, sillä tätä kelpaa kyllä kuunnella. Pikkuvikoja löytyy kyllä, mutta ne eivät kuuntelunautintia haittaa”.

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“Overbevisende energi! Zarraza leverer alt i alt et rigtig velspillende debutalbum. Der er enkelte småting at arbejde med, men sådan er det ofte på den første plade. De er ikke bange for at eksperimentere, men fedter heller ikke for det. Da dette er det første metalband, jeg stifter bekendtskab med fra Centralasien, må jeg sige, at det har været en rigtig glædelig første oplevelse. Jeg vil se frem til den næste plade og håbe på, at de en dag bliver store nok til at kunne turnere til lille Danmark. Energien i deres musik tyder på, at dette er et band, jeg sagtens kunne forestille mig trykke den af live!”

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“Son como una especie de SEPULTURA pero añadiendo su propio toque. En lo que a composición se refiere hacen un magnífico trabajo, cambios de ritmo, melodías, solos arreglos, todo ello bastante inesperado y que nunca sabes muy bien por donde te van a sorprender. Presentan un sonido bastante sólido y compacto, pasando del thrash al death en cuestión de segundos.”

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