ZARRAZA is a metal band from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

2018, May 5 - first full-length album "Necroshiva" released. "Listen to Necroshiva - it slaps!" - MetalSucks.

2018, June - Song "150 words" featured in Metal Hammer comp "Global Metal"

2018, November - the artwork of "Necroshiva" album (by Vladimir Chebakov) featured in "Masterpieces 2018" book by Heavy Metal Artwork (UK)

2019, November 29 - "Rotten Remains" album released. "Riot of hooks and smart ideas" - Metal Hammer. 

2022, July 8 - "Kreated In Blood" EP (covers of Kreator, Gojira, Slayer). "Trailblazing Kazakh thrashers breathing a new life into GOJIRA, KREATOR and SLAYER classics" - Metal Hammer.

2022, July - Zarraza cover for SLAYER's "Raining Blood" has landed in "Best Ten Songs Of The Week" by Metal Hammer along with Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth new singles.

2023, June - the artwork of "Kreated In Blood" EP (homage to Kreator's "Coma Of Souls" by Vladimir Chebakov) featured in "Masterpieces 2022" book by Heavy Metal Artwork (UK).

2024, May 11 - the band performed  at Metal Battle Fest in Bucharest in Romania. 

Through all these years we have had the honor to share the stage with SEPULTURA, ROTTING CHRIST, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, EKTOMORF, TYR, AGATHODAEMON, KATARA, ANEUMA. Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kzakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan - who is the next to hear Zarraza?